Donald Lee

Welcome to the Coursehack Club. I’m passionate about personal finance and upgrading your life. Especially, after emotional pain and trauma. If you’re at rock-bottom, you’re in darkness, and you’re looking for a way out… Maybe my newsletter is the LIGHT you’re looking for. Sign up to get my no-fluff tips right to your inbox.

There's Nowhere To Go but UP!

Here's what You'll Get If You Want To RISE!

Raise Your Standards

If you think that you are destined for more. That your pain is due to your standards. It's time to RAISE YOUR STANDARDS.

Upgrade Your Personal Finances

Are your personal finances where you want them to be? Whatever your answer, you're going to get great personal finance tips!

Get New Perspectives

With new perspectives comes progress. With progress comes growth. With growth comes fulfillment.

Your Confidence

That "Air" of Confidence. Do you know someone who exudes that? That attracts people like moths to a flame. Do you want that too?

Find Peace In Life

There's so much drama in life. Find out how to repel drama and attract peace.

Heal Your Heart

Betrayal, abuse, and neglect. Maybe you've experienced it. I have. Here are my tips of how I healed and EMPOWERED MY LIFE.