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Financial Advisor – The #1 TRAP You’re Falling Into And You Can Avoid!

As a financial advisor, you have such a golden opportunity with Instagram marketing and blogging, I don’t know why more people aren’t doing it!

Financial Advisor Instagram

You are so golden with this right now homie, you have no idea! Did you see my last post about the personal trainer? If not, you can find it here. But the #personaltrainer hashtag has about 28M posts…

You have…

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383,970! That’s a good hashtag to follow, it has just enough engagement, but still not enough that your content will get lost in the millions of posts. Use it. Enjoy that gold nugget.

Also, here’s a bonus…

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55,254 posts. That is awesome! You can really leverage that.

Compare that to my field #programmer. Game over man…

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The Strategy For You

If you are reading this and you’re not making content (i.e. pumping out blog posts or … Instagram Content), I struggle with Instagram Content because I’ve been saying how garbage the majority of captions are… because they are, then you’re losing a lot of potential leads.

Think about how you are getting this email. The only way you are getting this email is if you went to my blog and subscribed to my list via some popup, I added you to some list and started sending you some customized campaign. SECRETS OUT. YOU DON’T NEED TO TAKE MY COURSE ANYMORE! But do you know how to set that all up? 😉

Don’t buy my course now, you’re still learning from reading, buy it later.

That is the second time I told you to buy it later, the first time was the first post. That is how invested I am in having you learn some useful sh*t before purchasing anything. I’m getting such a kick out of you learning this right now, you have no idea.

Do you want to kill two birds with one stone? Do you?

Take a look at my blog posts. Each one is well organized and under each heading, there is:

  1. The heading
  2. The content inside the heading

Ok, how am I going to reuse this?

The heading is the picture and the content inside the heading is the content for the Instagram Post. BOOM!

And here you were thinking… “This guy is a joke, he’s got nothing.”

How Do You Find A Mentor And A Financial Advisor?

Disclaimer, I am not a financial advisor. I have two in Canada and one here in the USA. My guy in the USA, Taeook, is brilliant. Dude is like a Korean tiger. Any time something happens in the markets, I just go to Taeook and ask him “Taeook, I lost 5k in my investments today, what do I do?” and he’ll reply “It’s OK. It’s what happens. People just freak out over pandemics, just stay the course.” (I am writing this during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020).

I arrived in the USA in 2016. I danced salsa and bachata back then. “WTF, he dances as well?!?” you might think and I’ll reply “Yes, quite well.” It’s a passion for me and as luck will have it, Taeook whom I was introduced to by a mutual friend was also a dancer.

Here’s the peculiar thing about the guy. When I first met him, I had no idea what he did. He actually didn’t tell me anything about his job. I just knew he lived alone in a big house, that I had the pleasure of crashing a couple of times.

Have you ever met a financial advisor in your life? You know, those ones that blatantly tell you that they work as an financial advisor with a smug look or reach out to you to “help” you with and teach you finances?

Yeah, those guys. The minute they reach out and say something like that I am INSTANTLY turned off. Yes, I know we all want to help people that we think need help, but unless they ask for it, DON’T HELP.

Truth is, I was the one who asked “Taeook, what do you do for a living?” and then he replied “I teach people about money.” NOTE: He didn’t tell me he was a financial advisor. He just said “I teach people about money” and it led me to inquire more, because hey, I like money, teach me.

Across a couple months of me hanging out with him and him teaching me money, a trusted relationship was built. He never asked for my business, he just taught me things.

What do you think ended up happening? Can you guess? Should I tell you? I don’t think I should tell you, but I can’t help myself. Okay, here we go.

I said, “Taeook, I’m making too much money, help me invest it!”

“Okay” he replied.

Do you realize what happened here?

I just straight up gave the dude my money BECAUSE HE BUILT THAT TRUST, HE GAVE ME THAT MENTOR LIKE FEELING.

And that my friends is how you find a mentor AND how you be a mentor.

Avoid the Finance Advisor Trap

I don’t blame him. Taeook is a finance guy, not a digital marketing or engineer kind of guy. Invest with him. He knows his strengths and weaknesses and I admire his willingness to ask for help because many of us have an ego that prevents us from asking for help and that limits us.

But Donald, he got your business, what trap did he fall into?

And I would say,

Dude, it took him months. That’s time and energy. Those are precious resources homie.

I have bought expensive services and courses (e.g. $1,000+) within days and hours when certain strategies were deployed on me. It’s human psychology and buying behaviour stuff, it works, even if you know about it.

If he had an email campaign, and he put all that knowledge into short emails that he sends to me each and every other day (like I’m doing to you now), then he would have built that trust without spending any of his precious time and effort with me.

He could be out there closing deals and getting more leads while I warmed up to him over his automated emails that worked its magic on me.

For him, it would have been same result, less investment (though I do appreciate his friendship and mentorship).

So, my homework for you for today:

Spend an hour, think about your clients or potential clients that you’re building relationships with. How much time are you spending on them? How can you reduce that time and get the same end-result? Can email automation work for you? How am I going to collect their emails though? What’s the foundation?

I gave you a lot to think about. These are the three case studies I wanted to share with you and I hope you got a lot of value from them. There is one more post from this four-part series and the next one will be the final one. So, look forward to that!

Continue sharing your way to success,


P.S. You can email me about anything and if I can help you, I will help you. Programming, marketing, marriage counselling advice (I’ve never been married, but I read a lot about it and I can suggest some ideas if you want it). I get a ton of emails, so it will take some time (as long as it doesn’t end up in spam), I will personally get back to you. I promise.

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