Borrow Millions and Trade Without Risk

Learn to borrow millions from Aave to find and perform profitable arbitrages between DEXes using your own automated trading bot.

What You'll Learn From This Course

Who's this Course For? What are the Requirements?

It would be helpful to have prior Solidity experience, that’s why we have our “Beginner to Advanced, Solidity Blockchain Development” course. It will teach you the basics, but that’s not necessary (plus, if you buy this course – we’ll give you a deal on the other one anyway).

As long as you can follow along with the steps in this course, you’ll do fine. If you’re too stupid to follow steps, this course is probably not for you.

This course is for anyone who’s interested in doing Flash Loans or swaps between DEXes (decentralized exchanges). Because that’s what Flash Loan Arbitrage really is – finding arbitrage opportunities, borrowing money (Flash Loans) for the arb opportunity, execute the arb (i.e. swap), and profit.

That’s what this course is really focused on.

But like I said before, what we provide is NOT THE FINISHED PRODUCT, but a very good starting point for you to customize the bot and go out there and make money (well, the bot you end up with is a pretty close finished product).

So, there’s work that you have to do. But you expected that, nobody will give you a million dollar making trading bot for a few hundred bucks. C’mon.

The End Result I Want For YOU

Best Case Scenario: You work off the bot you made in this course, you customize it, and it makes you thousands, if not millions of dollars.

Worst-Case Scenario: You picked up some really useful skills through your progression with this course.

In either case, it looks like you’ll come out winning to me.

And if you feel like you didn’t win, or didn’t get any value, we got your back with a 60-day money-back guarantee. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!


If you felt like you didn’t receive any value from the course in 60 days. We’ll give you a FULL REFUND. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.