Health And Wellness Coaches – The Steps You’re MISSING to Marketing Your Services

I did a search on for health and wellness coaches, and we got a lot of results for content ideas. I also did one on Ubersuggest and what did I find…

First off, don’t get me wrong, I love health and wellness coaches and there seems to be a wide variety of sub niches and micro niches. You can go from vegetarian or vegans to intermittent fasting sub niches to histamines and celiac for micro-niches.

To me, health and wellness just encompasses so many different things on the spectrum. I was curious about what sort of popular content ideas were popular on the search engines though. Therefore I made a search…

Health And Wellness Coaches Instagram

As I’m writing this, we are in the midst of a coronavirus epidemic and I just heard my roommate coughing her lungs out in the other room. I don’t think I’m safe…

I better hop on the Instagram to find some health and wellness coaches to reinforce my immune system. Finding a health and wellness coach is not hard on Instagram. Go to the search bar and type “Health” and you’ll get a slew of options, there are a lot of girls with “Health Coach” or some sort of variation in their titles.

Don’t get me wrong here; I see lot of tank tops and spanx, a cute smile, and some professionally taken photos for some health coaches. Diving into their profiles, I see selfies, photos of food, workouts, in the gym. Hmmm, there are some educating captions about the foods and the nutrients we get from them. Oh! This is a cool recipe; I’ll give that a like and a save for later probably.

So, what’s the problem here? Can you see a problem? I’m not picking on health and wellness coaches, because this happens for almost every “coach” profile I see on Instagram. Do you want me to tell you?

OK, here we go! They all look the same!

I’m also screaming at myself while I’m writing this (although, I’m not a coach) because my Instagram (@donlee50 – shameless self-promo here, go follow and DM me, I love making new friends.) is the same garbage (so, it’s a lesson to myself too)! I promise you, I use the word “garbage” for emphasis. I promise you, there’s a lot of value to your caption, and it’s just the same as everyone else.

When you have too much supply and little demand, the value of the supply goes down. When the value becomes zero, basic economics call that garbage.

I know, pick yourself up; I’m crying too, my garbage is the same as yours.

But, we’re going to fix that and be different. Look forward to that!

What Is Your Story?

We all have a story. We all have our weaknesses and vulnerability. In our world consumed with social media and filters, we start to question, “What’s real?”

You know what’s real?

Growing up with a family that is cursed with poor eating habits leading to high blood pressure and hypertension. Leading to health problems that they wouldn’t have if they were taught how to eat correctly from a young age.

Mom and Dad were 60s kids. Both their families moved from China to Hong Kong to start a new life after the Japanese occupation of China in World War 2. They arrived in Hong Kong and grew up in Sham Shui Po, the poorest and still are the poorest district in Hong Kong, with 24.6 percent of its residents falling below the poverty line.

Mom was the middle child and so was Dad, they both grew up in similar conditions. That is, both are super attached to mom. Why’s that? Because, their Dad was never really around. Have you been in that situation? Or know of someone who’s been in that situation? Can you imagine how hard and what kind of stories and self-esteem issues one might have to feel the abandonment from a parent?

It’s not a coincidence, that I’m convinced, that this situation is a factor for their health and wellness problems. That’s not to say they are in a terrible state, but there is a concern when the daily medication they take is unavailable as per when a pandemic happens and the supply chain of global medication is affected.

That’s how it is and that’s why I’m such a huge proponent for health and well being because longevity is the key to making a lasting impact and legacy on the world.

Did You Like My Health and Wellness Story?

I bet you did.


Because it’s a really personal family story that shaped who I am. It’s real. I was crying inside while I was writing it. I let those emotions flow into the words I’m typing. But most importantly, I’m being vulnerable. I’m trying to connect with you even though we’ve never met when I ask those questions.

Have you been in that situation?

Or know of someone who’s been in that situation?

Can you imagine how hard and what kind of stories and self-esteem issues one might have to feel the abandonment from a parent?

Most people will say “Yes”. That’s not a lie. It’s just the state of the world. I’m not going to go into full philosophical mode of arguing whether the world is a utopia or a dystopia. I’m just going to work with what I have, what cards were dealt to me.

But, are you getting the point here?

On Instagram, sure we have nice pictures and filters and “happy” pictures BUT NO ONE EVER GOES DEEP.

Keyword Searches

I’ll go deep into this when you buy my course. Don’t buy it now, read through all the lessons I’m going to send you AND THEN BUY IT. I’m telling you, I don’t want your money if you’re not going to be satisfied and if you’re not going to learn anything. Bottom line. Always.

When the hell does trying to sell you something, tell you “Don’t buy it now, buy it later.”

Exactly, no one…

That aside, I did a search on for health and wellness coaches, and we got a lot of results for content ideas. I also did one on Ubersuggest and what did I find…

Now, I’m not a health and wellness coach, but the few that I know all have their own clients. That is, they all work for themselves. However, when I search health and wellness coaches, all I see are:

1. Health and wellness coaches

2. Health and wellness coach certification

3. Health and wellness coaches salary

… and so on!

Combining that with what I see on Instagram, it feels like marketing and branding yourself is NOT a very focused matter and when what you’re selling is yourself and your expertise, then sorry, I don’t think your Instagram profile, a bunch of pictures with captions not telling much about yourself, is going to cut it.

Imagine this:

Behind door A, you get the option to work with health coach A. She posts a lot of things on how to eat and diet correctly, the nutrients you get from the diet plan she made for you, and etc.

Behind door B, you get the option to work with health coach B. She posts a lot about how she was anorexic growing up, and how she landed herself in the hospital. Days before she thought things were going to end for her, she found a mentor that went through exactly what she was going through and through her coaching, gave her a second chance at life.

Who would you buy from? Which story is more powerful?

Your Homework For Today

In conclusion, all I want to ask you in today’s case study and coaching session is “What is your story?” and as your friend, I can lead you to the answer, but I can’t make you want it or get it.

It’s time to do the work, take an hour or two and sit down and ask yourself, “What is my story?”

Continue sharing your way to success,


P.S. You can email me about anything and if I can help you, I will help you. Programming, marketing, marriage counselling advice (I’ve never been married, but I read a lot about it and I can suggest some ideas if you want it). I get a ton of emails, so it will take some time (as long as it doesn’t end up in spam), I will personally get back to you. I promise.

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