My Passive Income Streams

Welcome friend,

I don’t know how you got to this page, most likely Youtube?

But you’re here, because you’re interested in making money while you sleep, which is what everyone should do in my opinion.

With how the our leaders organize our fiscal monetary policy, you’re putting you, and most importantly, your family AT RISK, by not looking into multiple income streams.

One of the best things I’ve ever heard is:


If I ask you, “Where would your income come from if you lost your job right now?” and your answer is “I don’t know?” – I won’t even start on how risky that is, especially when you got dependents.

Now, this entire page is dedicated to all the passive income streams that I do (YES, I ACTUALLY DO THEM MYSELF). Some are ZERO risk and requires no investment, ALL PROFIT. Some requires investment, like a subscription. Some requires BIG investment, but the returns are high.

Another tip: Scared money don’t make money.

One of the things that makes completely no sense to me is why people are willing to get 6-figure college debt for a piece of paper with NO JOB GUARANTEES. BUT, are not willing to invest $100-200 each month on themselves THAT MAKES THEM MONEY!

Alright, keep reading for your passive income streams…

ZERO Risk, NO MONEY Required, ALL PROFIT Income Streams

As it says, these income streams does not require investment ($0) and will let you profit.

Helium Mining

Helium is a cryptocurrency project. So, if you’re not interested in crypto, this will not be for you. But, if you are, read on.

Helium has a lot to do with IoT or Internet of Things. Think your Apple Watch, Amazon Alexa, and even tapping your credit card to make a purchase, that ALL USES the Internet.

Helium is a project that allows people to sell their internet in exchange for HNT tokens (a cryptocurrency) which you can sell on an exchange.

Please watch the video to your right to learn more!

The video on the right shows the performance of the Helium project. 

Even in a down market, some miners (people selling their internet) were making $77 per day (think about making that for 30 days without doing anything).

Cost of running a miner is approx. $0.75 per month (your electricity bill).

I suggest leasing a miner for free with my partner at NobileIoT with this form: to see how it works for you before buying a miner for yourself. 

Because you’re using their miner (effectively making it ZERO risk), you will do a 80/20 profit share with you taking the 20%.

Small Investment, Bigger Income Streams

These income streams require a smaller investment (i.e. $100-200 per month), but has the potential for a bigger return

IM Academy

September 2020, I kept on hearing about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and I decided to take a look at it. But, not knowing where to start, I was lost…

Luckily, one of my friends introduced me to IM Academy that taught me everything I needed to know. From when to buy and sell bitcoin, for example, to how to keep my cryptocurrencies safe. 

If you keep your cryptos on an exchange, that is NOT safe. Exchanges can be hacked and you can risk losing all your crypto doing that. It has happened before and will happen again.

These videos show what goes on behind IM Academy. There’s two main ways to make money.

  1. Actively: Trading with the IM Educators, they give you the signals on when to buy and sell.
  2. Passively: You build your own business via Network Marketing, where you invite other people to join IM Academy.
So, either trade or you educate and sign on others. You also learn about subtle and profitable projects like Helium (HNT) where you can make passive income. I learned about Helium from IM Academy and the mining alone pays for the $175 monthly subscription.